Once upon a Drupal

Heh, I didn't think this day will come so soon!

A while ago I decided to move my nuvolari.co.za domain to my Linode host, testing out shared hosting. Or rather, how to set it up for myself and how to manage it.

To be honest, I didn't have the time to do it recently, but if it wasn't for my friend Ricardo, this day might have been even further away. I just got home tonight and as I was about to start chowing on my Tikka Chicken Burger I bought at steers I got a phone call from him, asking for a bit of help.

Yesterday or so he made his move from wherever he had a spot to change his DNS settings to his newly acquired Linode. And today was the second step, to get the set-up a bit further with a CMS. Now there's a couple of CMS's to use, but to my personal experience, Drupal is the best of all the php frameworks. There's Joomla and Wordpress, but you only return to Drupal.

During my setup I found that I did not backup my database from where I moved it, so here I am, starting with new content. For the 3rd time. The previous time my data got corrupted without any backups. This time round, I'm on my own wrt. backups and what not.

Proud to say, I have a working postfix system set up! I had to bend my mind a bit, but all was working fine in the end. I will continue to improve my set-up though.

Email, drupal, nice theme... it's nearly perfect. I need to set up beautiful URL's next. Whenever that's going to be :)